Whether you are a for profit or а non-profit organization, а church, school or municipality, you can help with the reuse and recycling of textiles and at the same time generate some extra income by participating in one of our fundraising opportunities. We can create a custom plan for you that will work best for your organization and fit your needs.


Anyone can host a bin as long  as you have a small space to spare(4” x 4”) where the bin will be placed. We will do the rest. All our bins are attractively looking, in great new or like-new  condition, very secure, and well-maintained at all times. 


• We place our aesthetically designed collection bins in strategic but discrete and convenient locations
• Each bin is with dimensions: 3,5’x3,5’x7’ which is ¼ of a parking spot
• Our company will service the bins twice a week or more if needed and will be responsible for collection of the recycle bins’ content and everything left around.
• All our bins have insurance policy with coverage up to $ 2,000,000.00 . No damage will be caused to your property.
• Green Inspiration BC Ltd is responsible for keeping the area around the recycle bins free of garbage.
• Your representative can call and request unscheduled cleanup to which Green Inspiration BC Ltd must respond within a 24 hour period.
• Twice per month a supervisor will visit this location to personally ensure the great appearance of the bin(s).
• If for whatever reason the agreement is cancelled GREEN INSPIRATION BC Ltd agrees to remove the bin from this location within 5 calendar days from the day of cancellation.


Schools are integral part of our community and we would like to support them in their efforts to raise much-needed funding. We can provide several ways to do so. Based on the needs of the school we can do one of the following to raise money:

  • Hosting a bin: the bin will be placed year-round on the school premises at an approved by both parties location. The bin will be placed by us, maintained and service regularly and your school will keep receiving monthly cheques for hosting our bins. It is that easy!
  • School- Drive: A one-time (or several times) per year event. A week long event , where we provide all the advertising material – posters, flyers, etc. and you provide us with some space for clothing-collection. Based on the amount collected at the end of the school drive within 24 hours the school will receive a cheque


The latest from Paris: what the Lower Mainland could learn from France’s handling of textile waste

The latest from Paris: what the Lower Mainland could learn from France’s handling of textile waste

Find out what can we learn from Parisians and more recycling tips from Green Inspiration’s Development Manager Pavel Lalev: